• The Creative ID™ gave me a much bigger perspective of what it means to be a creative. And it gave me (and my team) a language to use when collaborating around creativity.

    - David Erixon
    Marketing Director,
    NatWest Group, Dublin

  • Discovering my Creative ID gave me a new outlook for how I can strive to be the best version of myself. I now have confidence to step forward and use the creative skills I have.

    - Ciara Gormley
    Team Building Manager,
    Netamorphosis, NYC

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    Knowing your Creative ID helps overcome any fears that you might not be creative. The Creative ID shows what you're good at, so you can use it again and again.

    - Darren Goldsby
    Chief Technology Officer,
    Acacium Group, London

The Creative ID™ transforms
people's limiting beliefs into
powerful growth mindsets.

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Your Creative ID™ shows HOW
(not IF) you are creative.

It pinpoints people's preferences
across the 5 essential creative styles.

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The Creative ID™ Certification Course puts the power of creativity directly into your hands

Since 2008, we have unleashed peoples’ creative potential
across the world’s biggest businesses.

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